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Oracle Endeca

Oracle Endeca Information Discovery is an enterprise data discovery platform for rapid, intuitive exploration and analysis of information from any combination of structured and unstructured sources.

This unique platform enables organizations to extend their existing business analytics investments to unstructured data – such as social media, websites, content systems, files, email, database text and big data. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery provides visibility into any source and more importantly, allows their analysis alongside traditional business intelligence source systems.

This results in time and cost savings and enables improved business decisions based on a deeper understanding of the business.

Only Oracle provides a purpose-built platform for data discovery on structured and unstructured information.

Oracle Endeca key features

Oracle Endeca Key features

  • Purpose-built for data discovery on structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Text enrichment using theme and entity extraction as well as sentiment analysis
  • Powerful interactive visualizations
  • Intelligent, state-of-the-art search capabilities and contextual navigation built into the product
  • Drag-and-Drop application composition enabling fast configuration of new discovery applications
  • Upload personal data files and create new discovery applications without involving IT
  • In-Memory architecture designed for performance
  • Flexible key-value pair data model
  • Open data integration and packaged ETL client for connectivity to a wide range of enterprise sources, including Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Endeca key benefits

  • Get to the facts. Investigate and understand cause from a wider variety of data
  • Rapid analytics in a non-IT user friendly user interface
  • Independence from IT
  • Extract value from all relevant data, structured and unstructured
  • Leverage and complement existing investments in BI platforms
  • Fast turnaround on data analysis
  • Provide actionable Big Data to the business users
  • Deploy on Exalytics for faster delivery, lower TCO and all the benefits of an Oracle engineered system               Barcelona +34 93 272 1546 Dubai +971 556 683 072 London +44 (0)207 993 8085