APEX 4.2 goes live!


Last week, after more than a year since the release of v4.1, Oracle released version 4.2 of APEX. In this article I would like to show its most significant modifications. Moreover, you will see not only ‘this feature, that feature’ list, but also some examples of those new functionalities.

So, the most important modifications are:

-> Introduction of HTML5  charts/graphs, themes and components

-> Return of package applications

-> A lot of new functionalities for mobile devices:

  1. mobile interfaces
  2. new components added for mobile applications (of course already mentioned above: HTML5 & responsive themes also should be mentioned in this section )
  3. new ‘Dynamic actions’ like ‘swipe’, ‘tap’
  4. HTML5-mobile-oriented items like slider, on/off switch or calendar

-> Responsive themes

-> Refreshed APEX’s interface

With uncertain future of flash on mobile devices (or maybe word ‘certain’ is much more convenient: after this announcement by Adobe we finally realized that Steve Jobs was 100% right in that matter) there is no surprise that everybody is moving toward HTML5 and, well, looks like days of using flash in that kind of applications are numbered.

So now you just need to update your APEX to 4.2 and then we can proceed to take a closer look at those new, fancy features!

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Oracle Open World 2012- The Value of Data


Last week the annual Oracle Open World convention took place in San Francisco, and as always there were some interesting announcements about the Oracle analytics suite of products.

As we can see from Mark Hurd´s keynote on the 4th of October, one of the main problems that organizations are going to face in the short future is the growth of data. Continue reading this post >

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