Data Mining & Business Intelligence


Data mining & Business Intelligence


The term data mining refers to one of the processes involved in the task of extracting knowledge from a database, also known as KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Data bases). However, by extension, it is referred to as the KDD global process because of its commercial appeal. Understanding data mining as a KDD sub-process, we could define the term as the process of extracting underlying knowledge from a large volume of data.

It is a recent development directly linked to the scientific fields of mathematics (mainly statistics), computer science and artificial intelligence. It can be supported by different Business Intelligence systems, from which we can obtain several advantages!

In this article we´re highlighting how a Business Intelligence system is a great starting point for the data mining process and how data mining can be used for process optimization.

The topics covered are:

  1. Definition
  2. Objectives and challenges
  3. KDD Process Phases
  4. Applications:

➀ Data mining & Business Intelligence
➁ Extracting knowledge from unstructured data
➂ Optimization of processes

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ClearPeaks featured in Pipeline Magazine!


ClearPeaks featured in Pipeline Magazine
We are excited to be featured in the Suppliers Focus section of this month´s issue of Pipeline Magazine!

Pipeline Magazine delivers the latest Oil, Gas and Energy news from the Middle East and across the globe,  and is the world's leading specialist magazine for OSS, BSS, ICT, and ICE technology news and information.

We have been active in the Middle East for eight years now,  with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, allowing us to provide our award-winning services to meet growing demand in the region, where the shifting economic landscape makes BI is an increasingly valuable asset. We are proud to say that our operations there are constantly expanding, and this year alone we will be delivering several major projects, with more “in the pipeline” for the coming years.

Read the full article here: 
Pipeline Magazine June 2016 - Suppliers Focus!


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