Blank schemas in BI Administration Tool when importing metadata



OBIEE ( demands having the full set of OCI libraries in order to import metadata successfully.  A couple of steps will guide you to install the missing libraries as well as configuring the tnsnames.ora file properly.

Import Metadata function in OBIEE Administration Tool uses the Oracle Call Interface for 10g and 11g.

The connection type uses a set of libraries installed during OBIEE. However, the full set of OCI libraries are needed while accessing to the database schemas. If any of those libraries is missing the schemas will be shown in blank:

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Boost Performance of Informatica Lookups




Lookups are expensive in terms of resources and time.

A set of tips about how to setup lookup transformations would dramatically improve the main constrains such as time and performance.

 In this article you will learn about the following topics:

- Lookup cache

- Persistent lookup cache

- Unconnected lookup

- Order by clause within SQL

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Switching Between Two Reports within an Oracle BI Dashboard


Dynamically changing the information displayed in a dashboard should be one major objective for the developers. This flexibility reduces the number of requests to be developed and increases the user experience.

A common way of achieving this flexibility is by using the Column Selector view. This view allows the user to select a subject area column dynamically and to get results based on that selection (e.g. Revenue by Year/Region/Product).

The Challenge

Unfortunately, using the Column Selector view has some limitation. An important one is that every time a new subject column is selected, a new query is executed to refresh the data. So in the case that we need to change multiple columns, we will be executing multiple intermediate useless queries.

In this blog article we will show a way of simulating the Column Selector view when we need to change multiple columns in a report.

The Scenario

The requirement is to be able to switch between two reports that differ only in some columns (in this case, a set of measures). The user does not want to have them in separate Dashboard Pages but in one single dashboard page, displaying one report or the other based on a “Measure Selector”.

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How to build Dynamic Column Headings using Dashboard Prompts and Presentation Variables


Dynamic table headings are not straight forward in Oracle BI EE. However, we can simulate it’s behavior. In this article we have presented a trick to do it. With this you will be able to increase the user satisfaction and thus the BI solution acceptance.

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