Business Intelligence in the Oil & Gas sector


Business Intelligence in Oil & Gas: Decoding the dataWe are excited to be featured once again in Pipeline Magazine with the article "Decoding your data" - about the Business Intelligence Platform we deployed at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO)!

The digitisation and automation of assets offers producers in the global oil and gas sector the opportunity to dramatically increase their efficiency and productivity levels by collecting performance data from their assets. The amount of data being collected in this sector is staggering. Across the Middle East, tens of thousands of remote sensors are collecting millions of gigabytes of data from oil and gas operations.

However, collecting the data is only the first part of the challenge. If operators are to make the most of this wealth of digital information, they must find ways to quickly and efficiently analyse it. If this is done properly, companies should be able to:

* review their past performance
* refine their current production processes in near real time
* and even predict trends as they emerge

All of this should allow them to stay ahead of the profitability curve.

As many of you already know ClearPeaks has provided Business Intelligence (BI) solutions for operators in the oil and gas sector. We have delivered a ground breaking project with UAE gas processing giant, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO). We began working with Gasco in 2010, when the company decided that it wanted to streamline its operations through better use of analytical data.

With the GASCO BI Platform, we have delivered arguably one of the most advanced Oil & Gas Analytics environment in the Gulf region. It extends the capabilities of Oracle BI ensuring optimal customer experience and user adoption, whilst leveraging the Oracle platform’s versatility and robustness. We are proud to announce:

* a user adoption of over 1000 active users across all departments and production sites
* from Finance, HR & Procurement to Gas Plant Production & Maintenance
* addressing users’ needs from C-level to site management and down to operational analysts
* consuming more than 300 corporate reports and over 15 corporate BI dashboards daily

The entire enterprise is now enabled on one integrated platform.

Read the full article here!

Pipeline Magazine delivers the latest Oil, Gas and Energy news from the Middle East and across the globe,  and is the world's leading specialist magazine for OSS, BSS, ICT, and ICE technology news and information.

If you would like to receive more information about the GASCO BI project and how this experience can benefit your organisation, please contact us to receive a copy of the Success Story e-book or to hear about it directly from our team!

ClearPeaks featured in Pipeline Magazine!


ClearPeaks featured in Pipeline Magazine
We are excited to be featured in the Suppliers Focus section of this month´s issue of Pipeline Magazine!

Pipeline Magazine delivers the latest Oil, Gas and Energy news from the Middle East and across the globe,  and is the world's leading specialist magazine for OSS, BSS, ICT, and ICE technology news and information.

We have been active in the Middle East for eight years now,  with offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, allowing us to provide our award-winning services to meet growing demand in the region, where the shifting economic landscape makes BI is an increasingly valuable asset. We are proud to say that our operations there are constantly expanding, and this year alone we will be delivering several major projects, with more “in the pipeline” for the coming years.

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Pipeline Magazine June 2016 - Suppliers Focus!


ClearPeaks is expanding in the Middle East


ClearPeaks ExpansionWe are excited to announce the expansion of our Dubai office and the opening of a new office located in Abu Dhabi providing the level of presence needed to support the growing demand in the region.

We are a specialist Business Intelligence consulting firm providing BI services to customers in 15 vertical industries and across several countries in Europe and Middle East.

We have an exceptional record in implementations for several renowned Middle East based companies amongst which are GASCO, Eagle Hills, MAFP, Zain, ENEC and du.

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