Rock on, it’s GITEX time



Yes! it’s that time again, when Dubai becomes the IT point of focus for many enterprises in the MEA region, and yes, ClearPeaks will be present once again!

It will be our absolute pleasure to welcome you to our pod to discuss the Oracle BI and Endeca product stack and to see a very cool showcase which we have built in-house which addresses the benefits of OBIEE as a reporting and dash-boarding product and how Endeca can be used in tandem to solve real business problems.

Technical Sessions every day!

Come visit us at our stand, and we will tell you all about making the most of your BI investment with our scheduled Tech Sessions:

  • Data everywhere: Creating Oracle Mobile Applications
  • Tuesday, October 14th, 3.45p.m. : Discovering the undiscovered (to be broadcasted in the Oracle BI Innovation Zone!)
  • Stunning, powerful BI Visualisation with Oracle BI EE
  • „BI in the Real World“ presentations every day!

In our best tradition, we will share with you our thoughts and experience on the hottest topics for Business and Managers that want to embark on their first BI endeavour, or want to ensure that their ongoing BI project will be successful:

  • The Right Foot Forward: starting your first BI Project
  • BI Projects in UAE: challenges & opportunities
  • Implementing Oracle BI Applications: challenges and benefits

Where are we? Hall 5, Oracle Partner area, WS-10! 

Looking forward to see you soon …

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