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Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile allows you to view act on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g content on devices such as the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad. Intelligence Mobile gives you the full spectrum of BI functionality on adhoc query, OLAP analysis, dashboards and scorecards. You even have the ability to turn insight into action directly from your mobile reports and dashboards.

 Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile: Functionality

Available as a downloadable application from the Apple App Business Intelligence Mobile optimizes the presentation of the devices.

View, Analyse and Act on all your Business Intelligence Content

Oracle BI Mobile provides full-fidelity access to all your Oracle BI 11g content including reports, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboards, scorecards, alerts, notifications and actions. Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile provides full support for rendering and interactivity including ability to drill, invoking actions, changing prompts, alerts, notifications and so on.

Fast, Secure and Optimized Content

Oracle BI Mobile provides full support for Oracle Business Intelligence 11g catalog browsing and search over the mobile device. Catalog browsing and search makes it easy for the mobile user to locate and interact with relevant information. Mobile users also have the ability to designate content as Favorites for faster future access. Business users on the go can be notified of time critical information via alerts and notifications. iPhone and iPad features like orientation recognition, pinch, swipe and many more are available within Oracle BI Mobile support to access corporate data over VPN ensure that access to data on the go is secure.

Build Once, Consume Anywhere

All of your Oracle BI 11g content is available for immediate consumption on your mobile devices. There is no need to move content to specially marked folders.

Nor do you need to redesign any content specifically for viewing on mobile devices.

 Ability to Act on Insights:

Oracle BI Mobile makes the BI information actionable by providing the ability to invoke in-context, embedded actions from your mobile devices. Supported actions include: ability to invoke workflow/business Processes (BPEL), send message/post event (ESB), navigate to BI or web content, execute java method, and execute workflow or invoking a web service.

By using Mobile Supports you will increase the flexibility of your organisation by transforming business insights into direct action.

Oracle has launched a series of demo videos where you can see how Oracle BI Mobile makes BI as easy to use as any consumer application.

Click to see video

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