Exploring unstructured data with Endeca on Twitter


We recently talked about exploring unstructured data with Endeca Information discovery using the example of a football game. As Gitex technology week is taking place this week, we thought it was a good opportunity to look at the actual business benefit of this tool.

1. How many people talked about Gitex on Twitter?
Most tweets could be seen at 11h on Monday, from 13-17h attention stayed constant around 350/h. Please note that you have to add +2h for the time difference in Dubai. This information can measure the impact and success of your event.


2. World map of tweets
While as expected most tweets came from the middle east countries (see second map), we could also see lots of messages from Melbourne/Sidney, New York, Puerto Rico, Germany and Brazil. Endeca will capture a relative number of tweets from each country to analyse positive, negative and neutral tweets about a certain keyword. In our map we just got an overall view of where most Gitex tweets came from, but with an EQL statement you can easily add the evaluation and get concrete tweets. This tool gives you the possibility to get opinions from your visitors.



3. Tag cloud
If we have a closer look at what people were talking about in their tweets, we can detect that the mood was positive at the 33rd edition of the technology week. Even better, we got the opportunity to see which of the 3500 stands stuck out. For example, we can see the terms dubai police, visiting dubai police and black points; the story behind these words is a promotion where every visitor of the Dubai police stand would get 8 black points deducted of their driver´s license for free. The topic went viral and probably caused high traffic at their stand.
From the second day tag cloud we can see that the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (adjd) was mentioned, during the last years they raised lots of attention because of their keen interest in developing judicial services through more focused investment in IT systems and applications. Later on Todd Carpenter can be found in the cloud, probably because the industry veteran just got rehired for the new predictive analytics department at NAR.

It´s astonishing to see all the details we were able to figure out just by using some of the Endeca functions. We will continue tu use the tool to see what other benefits we can get out of this.

Endeca information discovery

Endeca information discovery

If you want to find out more about how Endeca Information discovery can give you inside information about your brand from social media and blogs, leave us a comment or contact us at info@clearpeaks.com.

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