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As seen in one of our previous blog articles “Step-by-step on how to generate a Metadata Dictionary”, sometimes you might need to make accessible to the users information about metrics or attributes from repository objects. It’s useful to check quickly this information when you’re developing or creating a report using only a web browser or when you don’t have permissions to access the repository.


A metadata dictionary is a static set of XML documents where each XML document describes a metadata object with its properties and relationships with other metadata objects. The metadata dictionary has to be generated each time repository changes are made.


In this article you’ll find a step-by-step guide to generate a Metadata Dictionary in OBIEE 11g.

In one of my previous blog articles called ´´Deduplication using Analytic Function´´, I explained a simple introduction of Oracle Analytic Functions. In this article (addressed for SQL developers), I will focus on the LAG function which from my point of view, is one of the most useful functions. Let’s see the use of this function in a common Data Warehouse scenario: Slowly Changing Dimension.  



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