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Some Oracle Application like BI Publisher 10g uses OC4J, which is an Oracle Application Server which enables J2EE applications to run. These set of containers, API and services have to be started manually at system start up and after system downtime. It is annoying for system administrators to have manual task to take care of. So, if we are in a Windows environment, these tasks can be avoided if they are defined as an automatic start-up process within the MS Windows Service. Installing OC4J as a MS Windows Services we will solve that inconvenience we will take a step further in automation wise and we will decrease the services downtimes.
ClearPeaks Video Tutorial video-1 In any organisation, common information can be interesting to multiple users. However, the way this information wants to be seen by different users may differ substantially. Oracle BI supports multiple visualization options by offering a wide range of views. With them, a report can be displayed as a table, chart, pivot table, etc. In some other cases, the chosen view may be the same, but the measures precision may be different depending on the user visualization of the information. For instance, the organisation's CEO would be interested in a figure representing millions, whereas the financial department would be interested in the same figure displayed in full value, including cents. In this article we will see how we can create an easy solution in Oracle BI, allowing the user to customize the measures precision (real value, thousands or millions) in a dashboard.



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