Making computing as easy as A.B.C!

Driving IT infrastructure savings whilst ensuring reliability and scalability of service is on every CIO’s agenda. But in the context of BI, the cloud offers so much more, such as rich, advanced analytical capabilities, a plethora of big data services and stream capabilities – all which are available on request and quick to deploy.


Cloud “Lift & Shift” Program

If you would like to migrate your in-house BI environment onto a cloud platform, we have a pre-built program to ensure this complex process is executed efficiently and securely. Our “Lift & Shift” Program consists of the following key activities:


  • Platform Analysis & Readiness assessment (including risk analysis and contingency planning)
  • Cloud Selection & Migration Planning
  • Parallel Execution
  • Quality & Performance – Parallel Testing
  • Cloud Go-live
  • In-house platform phase out


Cloud Pilot

To many customers, the opportunity for BI on the cloud is very appealing but the apprehension is there to take that final decision to go forward.

To address this, we offer our customers a quick-to-deploy “Cloud Pilot” service to allow them the possibility to simulate a cloud-based, BI experience, using their own data, seeing their own reports and dashboards, all wrapped with appropriate security levels.

This is the optimal way to get rapid business user buy-in to a cloud platform, where all the benefits of cloud can be demonstrated in addition to their current in-house BI platform.