2 Day Course



The goal of the course is to understand the concepts and techniques used in Tableau Desktop in order to create reports: from a simple graph to more complex views, and, finally, to learn how to combine all the reports in an interactive dashboard.


The most important objectives of the course are:

  • To understand the different options to connect to the data.
  • To understand how the Tableau interface works: components, shelves, cards and terminology in general.
  • To create basic calculations that include changes of data types, basic arithmetic calculations, building ratios and different aggregations, adding logic functions, totals and subtotals in tables and other quick table calculations.
  • To be able to represent data using different visualizations
    • Tables and highlight tables
    • Line Graphs
    • Bar graph and Pie Charts
    • Dual combination with different marks>
    • Small multiples
    • Bullet Graph
    • Scatter Plot
    • Geographic Maps
    • Heat maps and tree maps
    • Packed Bubbles
    • Others
  • To learn how to add trend lines and reference lines besides other statistical techniques to describe data.
  • To understand and to use groups, bins, sorting, sets and hierarchies. Also to use different ways of filtering.
  • To work with many formatting options in order to customize the views.
  • To learn how to mix all the reports built during the training in a dashboard and to be able to publish it on Tableau Server.



The course is designed for the beginner intermediate level user. This course is for anyone who usually works with data, no matter the technical level of the user.



No pre-requisites are needed.



Tableau Fundamentals is offered in English and Spanish.



  • Tableau Software and architecture.
  • Connections with data bases.
  • Tableau Desktop Interface.
  • Building views in Tableau Desktop.
  • Analysis: add and edit analysis to add value to our views.
  • Formatting: add and edit formats to customize our views.
  • How to build a dashboard.
  • Publish a dashboard in Tableau Server.
  • Business Case: Do it by yourself!

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