Executive bi


Are your senior executives really active on your BI platform?

We guessed not!

In our experience, this is the most overlooked area in BI deployments. If the executive team is not empowered with content fitting to their needs, what chance does your investment have of gripping and driving performance improvement in the long run?


Our Executive Analytics Vision

To enable a complete Executive Insight solution ensuring information accuracy, consistency, simplicity and quality, thereby driving adoption (and insight addiction!) right to the very top of your organisation.


Our service ensures enterprise content such as KPI-driven and strategic objectives visible through the Control Centre will be consistent to those available through their executive mobile app, print book or desktop-based management dashboard. Design will be consistent, navigation will be commonly aligned and the entire experience will be simplistic and intuitive – and this all leads to the one objective – driving quality BI to the executive team!


Executive Bi

Executive Control Centre

This is an all-in-one, hardware and software solution, designed for executive conference rooms, board rooms and executive offices, all designed to deliver an impacting and visually engaging interactive experience.


The Executive Control Centre comprises:


  • Up to 3 interactive large format wall-mounted screens  which embed video conference, VOIP (Skype, Webex etc.), full screen interactive capabilities based on Microsoft Surface Hub hardware suite.
  • Large format scorecard and dashboard interactivity, designed to allow the presenter a smooth, interactive experience when addressing their audience.
  • Guided navigation will ensure the presenter cannot lose track of the context, and simple navigational icons will allow easy jump-back capability.
  • A suite of highly visual impact management dashboards packaged in 3 categories containing:

Historical or look-back analyses.

Current actual business statuses which, if required, can be based on real-time updates to ensure the latest information.

Look-forward analysis and what-if simulations based on approved predictive models to project business scenarios out to the future.