Oracle Bi analytics applications


Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications are complete, pre-built BI solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization from front line employees to senior management, enabling better decisions, actions, and business processes.



Our pre-built solutions cover a selection of vital decision-making BI requirements that are standardized across different industries and functional areas:



Telecommunications · Oil & energy · Manufacturing · Real Estate · Shopping Mall Management · Banking & Financial · Pharma · Logistics · Public Sector Entertainment · Consumer Goods · Media · Investment


Functional Areas
Management · Sales · Services · Finance · Human Resources · Procurement & spend · Supply chain · Marketing · Maintenance · Production



We offer a series of Oracle BI Applications that answer your specific business needs:


Oracle Marketing Analytics
Oracle Marketing Analytics allows your organization to obtain maximum results from your marketing investments by providing your entire marketing team with a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of customer preferences, buying behaviour, and profitability.


Oracle Project Analytics
Oracle Project Analytics provides out-of-the-box, role-based dashboards that enable project managers, executives, and accountants to monitor projects and control the risks that lead to budget and schedule overruns.


Oracle HR Analytics
Through Oracle Human Resources Analytics, measure, monitor, and increase workforce productivity. Not only can you pinpoint top- and bottom-performing employees, you can also better develop and retain key talent—and measure the success of your own initiatives.


Oracle Financial Analytics
Gain visibility into expenses and revenue enterprise wide. With up-to-the-minute information, you’ll demonstrate compliance, measure profitability, and safeguard shareholder value.


Oracle Financial Analytic Extensions
To further complement and enhance Financial Analytic capabilities, ClearPeaks have developed proprietary content to the Oracle Financial Analytic Application, ensuring more comprehensive Financial reporting coverage in areas not currently covered through the Oracle application.


Oracle Procurement & Spend Analytics
Better understanding of how money is being spent also means better understanding of how to spend less. Gain visibility into direct and indirect spending across global accounts and find opportunities to cut costs.


Oracle Supply Chain & Order Management Analytics
Oracle Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics enables organizations to assess inventory levels, likely product fulfillment needs, quickly identify potential order backlog issues, and stay on top of critical A/R and DSO issues.


Oracle Sales Analytics
Making deals and meeting your sales quotas is much easier when you receive alerts on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increase the accuracy of sales forecasts, and identify your best customers and most profitable products.