As dust begins to settle, the hype around Big Data is slowly changing into a more realistic thinking on how to actually make it work. At this point, mostly everyone have heard of Big Data and have a clear understanding of what it is and what could be the benefits of putting in place a Big Data strategy in the company. However, one of the main adoption barriers is still the technical complexity when it comes to envision and deploy a Big Data solution.


These kinds of projects are usually driven by IT and the CIO on the early stages. The key at this point is to identify a use case to prove that the investment on a Big Data project is worthy; this use case has to clearly demonstrate that thanks to the new data analysis strategy new unprecedented insights could be unleashed allowing for game changer decisions to the company.


For many companies this is just the easy part, many CIOs were conscious already of the huge value that the data produced had, and yet they were not able to bring that data in their BI systems due to its size, speed, lack of structure, etc… Now, Big Data seems to make that possible, but the question that remains is: How are we going to do it?



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