A crystal ball in the palm of your hands.

The use of Advanced Analytics in business has rocketed to the top of every corporate agenda. It is the examination of data using sophisticated analytical methods and tools to generate new information, to recognise patterns and to predict outcomes and their respective probabilities. At ClearPeaks, we use analytical techniques like Regression, Forecasting, Clustering, Classification, Optimisation and Machine Learning to recognise patterns and translate predicted outcomes into business actions to optimise future results.


Customer or employee churn prediction

Identify customers or employees likely to churn.

Cross and up-sell opportunities

Predict customer behaviour and Identify cross/up-sell opportunities.


Forecast revenues, investments, demand or other indicators to make optimised business decisions.

Market basket analysis

Analyse “market baskets” to discover associations, patterns and relationships.

Fraud detection

Detect anomalies and fight fraud.

Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate failures in machines or devices and take preemptive actions.

Customer experience

Make sure you give the best customer service with omni-channel optimisation, sentiment analysis and customer care analytics.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Optimize your delivery and supply chain strategy and reduce costs.