Support managed services


We offer support programs to provide you the comfort of knowing that your BI platform will be fully functional and impeccably maintained, ensuring that you maximize your return on BI investment, increase user adoption and satisfaction, and optimize business value from your BI system.


It can be a real challenge to recruit internal resources dedicated to the support and maintenance of your BI system! With ClearPeaks Support Services, you get all the benefits of dedicated support and tactical development, with the flexibility to choose the cost-effective support package that best suits your needs. Our experts have access to industry best practices and keep abreast of changes in business intelligence technology. If there is a process improvement, new application or upgrade that will enhance your system, we’ll let you know about it.


Our support and development is timely and personalised. As a result of working with your team to implement a BI solution, our consultants have a deep understanding of your system and your business. This knowledge helps us to react quickly to issues and make accurate assessments and recommendations.

BI support and maaged services


We have several support packages that help you make the most of your BI system.


Classic Support

A classic service of logging support tickets in our customer service portal and, depending on criticality and priority, the request will be responded to and resolved accordingly.


Managed Services

This comprises a more comprehensive post deployment service, made up of Classic Support and, in addition, includes a tactical development service, offering the customer the option to have mini-developments delivered whilst the support runs in parallel.