Big Data


Are you ready to compete in a data driven world?

Big Data is on us in every aspect of our daily business and personal lives. We will enrich your classic data platform with this highly valuable, volatile and fast moving  big data source, and through the deployment of big data technologies and visualisation tools, expose the true value of this data to your absolute business advantage.


Tailored Big Data solutions

We work together to find the best solution for your Big Data use cases. Depending on your needs we propose and implement specific solutions, such as distributed in-memory databases, or generic Hadoop-based solutions including:


  • Real-time or batch ingestion of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with Sqoop, Flume and Kafka. Typical data sources include social media, sensor data, web logs, etc.
  • Data Lakes with HDFS.
  • Big Data processing engines with Hadoop and Spark.
  • Ad-hoc Big Data analysis with Hive and Impala.
  • Advanced Analytics on Big Data with Spark ML.
  • Real-time data processing with Spark Streaming and Kafka.
  • Real-time data consumption through Hbase or other NoSQL databases.



Implementation of Data Factory and Data Reservoir

Complement the data warehouse with a Data Reservoir to store all your Big Data. Use a Data Factory to process the data. Leverage Big Data to augment the insights on your data and on your business. We can help you bring your BI infrastructure to the next level.


Real-time Business Intelligence

We can help you deal with IoT scenarios or other real-time scenarios to consume the data as soon as it is generated. Have always the most updated snapshot of your business to make the best decisions.


Cloud Migrations and Deployments

Migrate your existing BI infrastructure to the Cloud or create a Big Data deployment leveraging the managed services in the Cloud to decrease costs and reduce time expended.



Do you want to modernize your Business Intelligence and Machine Learning platform with Big Data technologies?​

Our Big Data pilot provides you the necessary documentation, roadmap, recommended architecture & a skills gap analysis to deliver a successful Big Data implementation.



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