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Offering our customers the most state-of-the-art BI development services, ensuring your enterprise-wide user experience is customised to service the entire community’s exact needs.


BI software has evolved over the past 2 decades, now providing a rich suite of analytical functionality to users. But there is no “one-size-fits-all” perfect solution for everyone.


As such, we offer our customers Web & Mobile BI development services to ensure BI adoption reaches its maximum across all levels in the organisation, embedding the BI environment seamlessly into corporate web portals and intranets. Secure and optimised, no complex business requirements are unmet.

Mobile BI Development

Our Mobile BI development services address our increasing customer demand to have access to real-time and collaborative BI based on mobile devices, providing functionality not available through the mobile offerings packaged in BI software products.


Our custom built BI apps are highly tailored to answer the specific business needs of each customer. With the swipe of a finger, navigate through dashboards to KPI’, collaborate with colleagues, comment on results, and share dialogue through WhatsApp and SMS. Bringing to life the typically static BI environment, our apps allow you to:

Web and mobile BI dashboard


  • Write back targets and forecasts, or results, when not typically in an office environment.
  • Customize screens to your personal reporting needs.
  • Receive push notifications for important pre-defined business targets, and alert when criteria are hit or not.
  • Easily access and filter alerts as required.
  • Stay connected to your data on-demand and on-the-go.


Web BI Development

Our Web BI development services offer our customers a unique service made up of the following:


  • Ensuring your BI solutions and software embed seamlessly into your corporate web portals, extranets or intranets.
  • Enhanced “write back” functionality to allow business users to add targets, objectives, forecasts etc. all through the same secure BI portal, and see the results immediately hit the dashboards.
  • Providing BI data services to downstream applications.
  • Reduce license costs to “passive” or casual consumers through non-license based dashboards and reports.



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