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Sometimes because of the nature of the data in our system we need to have different types of aggregations (sum, max, last…) for one single measure. Therefore the aggregation type needs to be different depending on the dimensions (Date, Product…).One clear example of this is in dealing with stocks. Stocks have different kinds of aggregations depending on how you look at it.The aim of this article is to know how to deal with these different aggregation level measures and implementing a solution in the OBI repository to solve the issues that those measures bring.

After another successful ClearPeaks Academy training in Zurich, Switzerland, we would like to share with you our experiences and some feedback from the training itself.This training workshop covered Oracle 11g Advanced topics where Sergi Guiñon, a ClearPeaks BI consultant, introduced the technology and delved deeper by sharing his real world experiences and by giving the attendees the opportunity to have hands-on practice with it. The attendees enjoyed the combination of the theory and practical lab examples, the competency of the course and the material along with the overall assistance and knowledge of the trainer.
Save the date for the key annual Partner event here in Europe to get the latest from Oracle Strategy and industry experts to propel your business growth in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management. The event will take place on the 21st - 24th June 2011, at the Dolce Hotel & Resorts in Sitges (near Barcelona) Spain.This year ClearPeaks will have the honor to present at the Partner Community Forum about "Working with Oracle, a BI partner's perspective". This presentation will answer the following; What does a partner look for from Oracle? What is good today and where could we improve in helping both Oracle and the partner to achieve our goals.


Last week, ClearPeaks held their Academy training session on Advanced OBI EE 11g  in Saudi Arabia. The attendees of the course varied from Applications Consultants, Senior Developers, Technical Consultants to BI Analysts who were trained by, Sergi Guiñon, a Consultant at ClearPeaks bringing with him hands-on knowledge and experience on real world issues.The attendees of the course were taught the features on BI with a special focus on the advanced features of 11g.  The training topics were covered through the course material and hands-on lab work, which gave the attendees the opportunity to learn and experience the technology on their own by installing, administering and developing the BI tool. The feedback was positive including comments such as useful knowledge gained and further interest into more in-depth knowledge and lab work, interest in further technical knowledge and a great first impression to the new Oracle solution. The trainees will take with them the skills and techniques to perform BI projects in their company.Have a look at the feedback provided by the training attendees:

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